Friday, December 5, 2008

Week of Christmas

So, I've decided that this is the week of Christmas. Wednesday was the library Chrisymas party. I was on the committee of five that planned the festivities for 280 people who RSVP'd and it was quite the undertaking - especially considering the fact that the room we'd booked only holds 250. We booked a room for overflow and fortunately, enough people didn't show that we ended up not needing the overflow room after all. Which meant I got to sit in the room after all.

I'm re-reading this and I realize that this is a pretty boring post. Bah!

Needless to say, the party went well, I recited Twas' The Night Before Christmas" Voice Male style, and it was a huge success with great accolades thrown my way....with regards to the party, not the recitation....

Yesterday was the BYU ballroom social dance lab with a festive theme. I wasn't in much of a mood for dancing so I only stayed two hours.

Tonight was our department Christmas party. Dinner farm-style, including hot home-made rolls. ~dramatic reminiscence~ I also managed to get a glass Santa Claus martini glass with a handle (yes, hard time picturing it. I understand that.) as my white elephant gift. Not bad. I could've ended with the hub cap.

Tomorrow is our annual Muppet Christmas Carol movie party that Brandon (my roommate) has had since before I moved to Utah. That's a long time.

Sunday is our annual family Christmas party in Sandy.

Yes, that is five....count them....1...2...3...4...5....five parties in five days. I don't think Christmas will get this festive.

I'm going to bed.


Nancy said...

By Halloween I hope you mean Christmas, otherwise you're rather late! I'm glad it went well, though.

"I could have gotten the hubcap" was a great line. Really? A hubcap?

And I am sad to be missing the Christmas Carol party. Give my love to everybody. I can't believe we don't own that movie. We are losers. :P

Myrna said...

So I am wondering where Nancy saw the word Halloween?

David said...

I fixed it already..

David said...

~Nancy~ Yeah. My student, Jordan, brought one of his roommates hubcaps that don't stay on his car.

Nancy said...

That's so awesome!

Let me know how your other parties are!

And sorry to correct your mistake I was just like, "They had a what party? In December?"

Kelline said...

I to know Christmas party overkill. Mine go Yesterday, tomorrow, then thursday, then Saturday. True I am not as popular as you, I have to either find sitters, or haul a car load of children to each of these......

By the way, thanks for taking the boys home last night!