Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's a small world

So, about a week before going to Canada, I messaged my friend, Christine, on Facebook. I said, basically, that I have never asked anyone out on Facebook before, so I figured now would be a good time. Besides, I didn't have her phone number and I'd only be in Canada for a couple of days.

Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't something I just go and do. I've known Christine for ten years, she was my (second) cousin, Heather's, best friend, and she we had a crush on each other for a long time. Actually, she was the first girl I held hands with. Unfortunately for us, I moved to Utah a few months before she turned 16.

Fast forward to now. Laughing at my childish method of getting dates, Christine said she had never been asked out on Facebook and she'd love to go out with me. It was about time we went on a date. I mean, it has been 10 years!

So, we get to Canada and set up a date. We also visited Heather in the hospital because she just had her baby (and Sadie is really cute). Heather, in her groggy, just-had-a-baby, pain-enduring, med-imbued state, teased how Christine goes on at least three dates a week and warned me that she even has a guy up from California trying to date her. (Are you noticing the foreshadowing? No? Ok, I'll continue.

So, date night. We came up with all these elaborate plans that included dinner, volleyball, and dancing. Almost none of these came to fruition. I picked her up and we went to visit Heather and the new baby, whom Christine had never seen. We had a good visit with the whole family then went for dinner at Mr. Mike's, where my sister works (it was very good). By the time we finished though, it was well after 8 and there was no dance after all, so we just went to a movie instead. Twilight. The movie felt like the script was written by a fourteen year old. Definitely not my favorite movie - although Christine and I enjoyed heckling the movie too each other. The best part of the movie was when someone in the back yelled 'SHUT UP' to all the young, teenage girls. Priceless.

Overall, it was your typical date. Of course, she does live in Canada, so that provides a slight problem for further dates. Besides, there's this guy from California....

The next day, we visited another set of cousins in Okotoks. When they asked how our visit had been so far, I mentioned I went on a date. "Oh, with who?", they asked. My mother said that I'd gone with Christine. They kind of looked each other and laughed. You see, there's this guy, Neil, from California staying with them who seems to be trying to date her. ~Dramatic pause~ Fortunately, he wasn't home at the time. Dixie said how they were teasing him Friday night because he was home. "Where's Christine?" they ask. "Why aren't you with her?" He didn't have a clue. She was with me. Bwah hah hah.

Seriously. Who would have guessed that one cousin would warn me of a guy trying to date my friend who lived with my other cousins? Weird!

So yeah, that's my random Mormon moment. Too many connections! Of course, Christine did say I 90% convinced her to come to BYU. Hmmmmm....


Myrna said...

We are all speechless.

Aquaspce said...

I think that a.) you have too many parties, you need to prioritize, ie. find a girl and get married :)

b.) I still think it's a big slap in the face (not the kind my kids had) to the boy staying at Darrel's and Dixie's that's hilarious!