Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Things About Me

I too, have been tagged many times to do this post. Actually, I think virtually everyone I follow has already done it. Therefore, if you haven't and you read this, I invite you to. Because it's fun.
No really. It is.

1. I was accepted to every university I applied to in a different field for each; everything from Recreation Management (USU) to Biology (UVSC).

2. I ended up getting a BA in Latin American Studies with a minor in Chemistry and an almost completed minor in Ballroom Dance.

3. In grade 7 and grade 8, I was voted male athlete of the year in my school. I played volleyball (MVP, grade 7), basketball (point guard), track and field, cross country, football (D-line left tackle grade 7, wide receiver grade 8), and badminton (4th in regionals, grade 8).

4. I was only on two sports teams in high school. Volleyball in grade 9 and the cheer squad as a tumbler in grade 12.

5. I gave myself a major concussion in grade four by playing on the monkey bars. We were jumping from the wooden platform and seeing how many bars away we could grab. I won. Of course, it was winter and I was wearing gloves and couldn't hold my momentum from the jump. I landed on the back of my head and you know that feeling you get when you hit your funny bone? That's what my whole body felt like. I got another concussion two weeks later playing basketball with my sister.

6. I taught grade 10 (or at least the chemistry unit) for a semester. I was in grade 10 and we had an art teacher substitute that didn't know how to do it. So, I did it.

7. I've had two girls tell me they prayed and were told I wasn't the one they were supposed to marry after only two-three months of dating. I've also had two girls stop dating me and start dating a friend....and get engaged within a month.

8. I caught dengue on my mission without knowing it and didn't even take a day off work. I don't recommend it. Actually, I never missed a single full day due to illness during the entire mission.

9. I love to travel, but don't get to do it very often - although I did just go to Amsterdam and Egypt.

10. I didn't study for the graduate entrance exam I took and made it into the top 10% who took the test! Granted, it was the MAT, which isn't accepted everywhere, is the easiest of the exams, and is only 100 questions in an hour (or something like that).

11. I once competed high jump, triple jump, long jump, 1500m, 800m, 400m and relays in a meet where you were only supposed to compete 4 events.

12. I've worked since I was 12 (gotta love those paper routes), except for a month and a half hiatus when I graduated from university and a month and a half when I moved from Canada to Utah.

13. I've lived in several states/provinces in three countries (3 month minimum constitutes living in)... Alberta and British Columbia, Canada; California and Utah, USA; Sao Paulo, Mato Grosso, Santa Catarina, Tocantins, and the Federal District, Brazil.

14. I collect coins and stamps.

15. I once sneezed face-first into my desk.

16. I went to French immersion for the first half of grade 6 (the site of my infamous desk sneeze).

17. In grade 12, I was in 5 plays/musicals, played piano in jazz band, competed ballroom dance, was a member of the cheer team, was on Backporch Majority, the back-up show choir, and took two AP classes. I lived at school.

18. I published a cartoon in our monthly school newsletter in grade 8 called "Colton". We were the Senator Riley Colts. Colton. Haha. Get it? Ok, moving on....

19. I seldom dream. Or if I do, i don't even remember the fact that I dreamed. I only remember two was in Provo and was giant bears attacking the city back when I was in pre-school and one was in Burnaby, B.C., after we watched the cartoon, The Last Unicorn. I was chased by a flaming bulldog for a month!

20. I am an extremely light sleep. I always have been since I was born. It takes forever to fall asleep, I don't sleep deep, and I constantly wake up. I believe this is a trait I inherited from the Conrad side of the family.

21. I usually breathe through my mouth (as opposed to my nose). Bad habit, I know, and I'm working on it.

22. I love to dance. If you know me, you know that already. I went to the first dances I remember at school in grade 6. I started going to the youth dances almost weekly when i turned fourteen. I helped form a breakdance crew when I was 14. My b-boy name was Flipz. I started swing dancing at 14-15. I started ballroom dance shortly thereafter and went to five years of youth ballroom dance camps at BYU. I competed ballroom in high school and college. I was on both the ballroom dance and folkdance teams at BYU. I still take the odd ballroom class. I went on a date Israeli dancing last week. I also enjoy normal dances still.

23. Chips and Salsa are/is my favorite food(s?).
(As you can tell, I also like correct grammar and even text in complete sentences.)

24. I've never broken a bone but have had several dislocations and concussions.

25. I am constantly misplacing items. I try to have a set place for things, but when I miss setting it down there....

So there you have it. I'm sure you already know most of this, because not many exciting things have happened of late.

I'll even add a bonus one....

26. It's my royal birthday this year. 26 on the 26th of February.