Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Hungry

Since about December, I've had some health issues. I haven't been able to sleep (worse than my usual not being able to sleep); some nights laying there pretty much the whole night, hoping that I can finally fall asleep with no success. Needless to say, I've been a little lackadaisical and aloof (again, more than usual) and have had trouble focusing. This hasn't helped with my social life, nor my relationships.

After talking to my friend, Amy, I was guessing that I had some food allergies that weren't allowing me to sleep. It would also explain my digestive problems I've been having. I had kind of guessed that it was gluten. I didn't go to see the doctor right away though. Then, I started not sleeping again.

After not sleeping for about a week, I decided it was time to do something about this. So, I went to see Doctor Remington (who happened to be cousin to the Remington's who were in my ward back in Parkland ward in Calgary way back in the day). My boss suggested this doctor because he's specialized in homeopathy and change of lifestyle remedies as opposed to immediately recommending surgery or pills....and Richard's wife works for him. :)

After the first visit, Dr. Remington diagnosed me with a Candida infection. That would be a yeast infection. He said the yeast was competing with the good flora in my stomach and stealing the nutrients and vitamin B produced in my small intestine, which meant I wasn't producing many of the chemicals that my body requires to operate, including the one that allows people to sleep (I believe it's creatonin). He also put me on a strict one month diet, but he also recommended that I take a food allergy test. I took that yesterday.

The Summary:

I have food allergy/intolerance (nothing deadly, but my body reacts sharply to it) to:
Milk, Cow
Corn Syrup

We'll see if I can't establish an immunity to these in the next few months, but in the meanwhile, I can't eat lot of my favorite foods anymore. :(