Monday, January 5, 2009

Egypt Musings

Just a quick post. I'll update this better when we get back to Cairo. We've spent the past few days in Luxor, visiting many of the old religious temples of old Thebes. This has included the tombs in the valley of the kings. The ancient relics and buildings are amazing. The city is much cleaner than Cairo, but the people are less friendly and more cynical. Everything seems a facade, trying to get money from Tourists. Andrew even got ripped off by a Calesh (carriage driver) and our boat guide for our Faluca ride on the Nile also tried to rip us off by saying we had agreed to another price completely different from the truth. That aside, it has been very good. My favorite temple has been the temple of Ramses III. It was incredible! Check out my photos on Facebook and I'll update the blog soon.

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Kelline said...

Wow! Hey I left an award on my blog for you, pick it up anytime....have fun!