Friday, January 9, 2009

The Real Reason I Went To Egypt

So, I have now been in Egypt for over a week. We've been to Luxor to see the old temples of Thebes and the Valley of the Kings. We've been to the pyramids at Giza and taken photos with the Sphinx. We've gotten ripped off by Calesh (carriage) drivers, almost gotten hit by cars, ridden in smoke-filled train cars, almost got stranded in Luxor, taken a camel ride, and visited all sorts of museums. But the real reason I came was to visit my sister and her family. I took some good pictures of my niece, who is just starting to warm up to me now that I'm going home in two days.

Digging for Gold

Running Around Karnak

On a Pink Granite Pyramid Stone

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid

Ready for Church

Rachel has got to be the oldest 1 1/2 year old I've ever met. She acts like, plays with and is as smart as the 3-year-olds.

Today, Rachel reached up onto the table to grab a cup of water. Unfortunately, she grabbed the top of the rim and pulled the cup over, sending a wave of water right into her face. She was not amused. Less than five minutes later, she was walking backwards (one of her favorite pastimes) and turned head-first into Nancy's chair. What a girl!


Kelline said...

Rachel is so cute. Try and see what she does when she tries to bend over with a cup of's funny, comically!

Myrna said...

She is funny! I love the pictures!

Anne said...

I wish I could have visited with you! (And also, shame on you for not telling me you had a blog!)