Monday, July 28, 2008

Batman and Beyond

About 3 weeks ago, a group of friends and I decided that it would be fun to watch Batman: Dark Knight on opening night. Now, I haven't been to many opening night showings....I did see Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Transformers (pre-showing) and, surprisingly, the Ring II (which admittedly, I was invited to 5 minutes before and there was virtually no line). At no times, have I dressed up.

Batman is different. Batman is, well, Batman. And you dress up for Batman.

I had been planning on purchasing a Robin costume on eBay, until I saw how pricey those were. I should've started looking months ago. Then, I left my Batman shirt at my parents' house. I didn't even go home after work either, we went straight to Diana's to watch Invader Zim before going to the movie. Crazy, I know. So, puzzling over what I was to wear, while Diana was sewing a cape for Brandon and adjusting her t-shirt, I suddenly was struck with a stroke of inspiration.

On the way to pick up Steve, Diana and I stopped at Shopko where I purchased two pieces of poster board and a Sharpie. In tribute to the 1960s Batman show (which was amazing), I created my costume.

Yes, accompanied by 5 Batmans, I went as a giant POW sign. It was the best costume ever!

We got to the movie two hours before it started and played a 10-person game of Hand and Foot. In the movie theater. In our chairs. With 15 decks of cards.

The movie was incredible. Dark, yes, but very well done. Once again, there was clean language and no immorality, but there was quite a lot more violence than Batman Begins. I jumped once during the movie when a body slammed into a window (not a spoiler since I'm not saying who or when) and laughed at someone lamenting that nothing went right for Batman. It was really good. Heath Leger was incredible! I have never seen a creepier character and his little tongue twitch. Wow!

So, I got home at midnight. Exhausted. And not ready for eight hours of work the following day.


Myrna said...

Finally. But worth waiting for. :o)

Aquaspce said...

You always did like batman. Remember the cape mom made you and you wore it everywhere we went? Then that school picture you have with your sheriff badge pinned to the front of your batman shirt? Classic.

David said...

Look closely and you'll notice that that Batman cape mom sewed for me is the one Patrick is wearing.