Saturday, February 6, 2010

Car, Storytelling, and Boardgaming

Yesterday, I attended the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival Winter Symposium. I attended several great sessions by renowned storytellers. I did an improv session and worked on ways to enhance your story by focusing on characters, voice, incident, and place. I also got to hear several very good performances. Today's session looks even better, however I do not know if I can go.

My car appears to be dead. I don't know if it's the battery, the starter, or some electrical circuit. It is completely dark when I'm in my car. We hooked it up to try to get a boost, but it didn't really sound like it was trying to turn, although that did make the inside lights and the automatic doorlocks work, so I know it's something electrical. I'm going to try to figure out how to get my car to the shop today. Hopefully I can do that early so that I can actually make it to the second half of the symposium or home so that I can get a full one credit and not a half.

Anyway, last night, we had a roommate night playing games. Puerto Rico and Mexican Train Dominoes. We certainly had the Central American theme going (name-wise anyway).

Here's hoping I can get my car working so that I can give mom a spell from the twins.

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Linze Kate said...

I HATE when my car dies... UG! Thankfully I don't have to worry about that because I have no car in Germany... Now I just worry about flat tires. Hm. Dang it.

Haha! I hope things are going well otherwise!