Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday, I was standing in line for a couple of value-menu tacos at Taco Bell (the only cheap food left in the CougarEat at BYU...also a funny name, but that's another post entirely). Interestingly, there were a couple of older visitors to the university who had one of those unexpected reunions. I gathered that they were friends or roommates at BYU many years ago but were discussing children and grandchildren.

As they were parting, one of them said, "It was nice catching up with you. Are you on Facebook?" The other replied in the affirmative and they discussed how they would add each other as friends. "My name is _____ on Facebook if you can remember that." "Do you remember ______ or ______? I'm friends with them and you can add me through their pages."

I must say, I was rather amused at what has extended while beyond a college phenomenon and has become virtually universal. My family even organizes family reunions on Facebook! And to think, I joined Facebook in 2006 when there were less than 1000 people on Facebook from BYU, 2 from my old High School in Alberta, and less than 100 from my High School in Orem. Now, I've found most of my best friends from my various elementary schools, old teachers, seminary teachers, aunts, uncles, and family of all kinds, and I'm even friends with my friend's cousin's mannequin head for her hairstyling school. Even my Brazilian friends are leaving their old Orkut accounts and being converted to Facebook.

I think the world has become obsessed.

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Jon said...

And yet, I still don't have a facebook account. Many people have called me crazy, but I haven't been convinced yet that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (for me). For example, I happen to know that if I were to get a facebook account, it would push something else out of my life (I know my limits on self-control, and I would spend more time on it than I can afford). And since I couldn't be more happy with where I am and where I'm going, I see no reason to start using facebook.