Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas, Our Way

My family has a strange tradition to do every Christmas differently. It's not that we don't celebrate Christmas or lack the spirit of Christmas; it's just that every year seems to combine different challenges and/or opportunities. I don't remember a Christmas where someone wasn't sick, moving, visiting Canada or Mexico, or going through trials. We have had everything from turkey dinner to pizza (which is personally my favorite....what a better way to have a holiday than not having to cook or do dishes!) We have therefore learned to improvise.
For one thing, presents on Dec. 23 isn't too bad. The anticipation is over, presents can be enjoyed longer before the arduous trek back to school and work, and we can concentrate on the real important aspects of Christmas on Christmas Day. That will be good. Christmas really has become truly commercial. I mean, I physically bought every gift this year. Or rather, I clicked on the items I wanted shipped to my house for the most part without even stepping into a store. Crazy.
Christmas isn't Christmas, however, without a few important things.
  • First, we have to have caroling. Lucky for me, Nate Gross was kind enough to host a caroling party yesterday and I was more than happy to attend.
  • Second, the Christmas story must be read. I read it at church last Sunday, we heard it at church (family ward) today, and by golly, we're definitely going to read it tomorrow for Christmas eve!
  • Third. Family is important. My oldest sister, Kelli, is coming with her kids and possibly several of her soon-to-be step children (this is one of the reasons for the early Christmas). We are also visiting my grandparents.
  • Fourth. Muppet Christmas Carol. Need I say more?
So, there you have it. Four important things to celebrate the holiday. I would like to start some new traditions, especially when I have a family of my own. But until then, we shall carry on the tradition of spontaneous Christmases. Who knows, maybe next year we'll decide to go to Hawaii for Christmas. Who knows? Crazier things have happened.


Carly & Jesse said...

Amen to that!

Nancy said...

Ummm...except I feel slighted. You didn't mention me coming with my cute baby--aren't you excited for us, too? *sniff, sniff*

Just kidding :)

David said...

Well, I wouldn't say you coming on Christmas Eve is reason for us to move Christmas from Christmas to the day before you arrive. Besides, your present is under our tree. :)

Nancy said...

PS. If you go to Hawaii next year, can I come, too?

Krystal said...

Spontaneous Christmas' are the best! Some people get too tied up in doing everything like they've always done it, then if someone else comes up--bam! their day is ruined. My family is very similar, and I love it

Aquaspce said...

What! You're going to Hawaii!!!??!!! I want to come too....