Monday, November 12, 2007

Sacre Chat! (That's French for Holy Cats!)

To preface, we have three white cats. My sister got the first while I was in Brazil on my mission despite many years of objections about having pets professed by my father. No sooner had I returned home then my father proceeded to bring home another white cat to watch for my uncle while he was in between apartments. Needless to say, shortly after returning said cat, we were "blessed" with four more cats. We gave one away, let two go to a farm, and kept one. What was our surprise when we discovered that a cat can get its own mother pregnant at a month in a half old!!! Eight kittens later, we now had three cats(one from each litter). We now have cats underfoot, jumping at the door (to get in or out) whenever we near one, and caterwauling at night, not to mention the fact that not a single article of clothing does not contain cat hair. Needless to say, cats have become a part of our home and have even entered into our family folk art, as noted in the stained glass art produced by my father in the picture.

This morning, my mother woke up to noises in the kitchen. She thought to herself that no one was up, so why would there be noises? She got up and proceeded to check the kitchen. After letting Lucky outside, she turned on the light and caught Winter on the stove. She had managed to pull out one of the ranges on the stove and was digging out any crumbs that she could. It was quite the sight at 6:30 in the morning. I guess Winter likes to get herself early morning snacks - even though there was food in the bowl.

In another story, I was on my way to a friends house. Since our road was torn up, I drove fairly slowly down the road and was turning onto the street perpendicular to ours when a car stopped in front of me (in the intersection). The girl in the passenger side signaled me to roll down my window. I did and she proceeded to ask, "Do you know you have a cat on your roof?" Well, obviously I didn't. You'd think that the cat would be smart enough to jump off the car when it's starting or before it leaves the driveway at least!

At least with cats, it's never a dull moment.


Krystal said...

no no no, cats aren't that smart. I'll be driving down our street and a local stray will sit in the middle of the road, watching me drive towards it, not moving. I've had to get out and shoo it away because it won't move.

David said...

My friend, Charles, told me how to take care of strays. While trying to catch a raccoon, he would bait a trap with hotdogs. Every morning, he would have a stray cat instead, which he then took to the local shelter. For curiosity's sake, upon discovering that Raccoons do not like hotdogs, he tried the "Over the Hedge" movie approach and baited the trap with a Twinkie. Needless to say, he had his raccoon the next morning (who later served as a great mascot for our baseball-tennis game before being released in the mountains).

Aquaspce said...

I have to add this cat story because it's funny.
Friends of ours came over for dinner yesterday. When they were renting a duplex whilst waiting for their house to be built, their neighbor had a screened cat door. Allowing their cat to go in and out. One Day, James (our friend) commented on the fact that she had blocked out the cat door. The neighbor sheepishly said: "Yes, well when I was at work last week, the cat decided to have a party." She came home to twelve cats lounging around her apartment!