Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hallowe'en is a time when people are supposed to get together, have parties, bob for apples, and get sick from eating way too much candy. Unfortunately, my teacher missed that memo and scheduled a 2 hour mandatory online chat for my masters degree on Hallowe'en!!! Being the keen library science students we claim to be, Ben and I (with the suggestion of Samantha) decided that it would be great to plan a partaaaay!!! We invited all future information professionals (aka. librarians) in the area in our program to come to BYU for a Hallowe'en chat-party. Being guys, we planned the event far in advance, finally getting the invitation sent out by e-mail at 11:30 PM on the 30th and not actually booking a room (at all). To top it all off, Ben got sick and everyone cancelled....except me (who drove out from Orem), Samantha and Virginia (who carpooled from Salt Lake). We actually had a pretty good time playing Clue, talking, eating a disgusting amount of junk food, and discussing our mid-term. Oh yeah, and we kind of paid attention to the chat enough to shoot off a comment every now and then. It was quite the night. And to think we all currently have A's in the class. Go figure.


Nancy said...

Bad, David, bad. What an example you're setting for the children.

Just kidding. I'm glad you had a fun Halloween. It was probably better than Andrew's :)

Nancy said...

Can I link to your blog, or would that offend you?

David said...

Sure you can link it.