Monday, November 10, 2008

I have quirks? Oh yeah, I guess I do.

So my sisters finally got me to post. That is because Nancy tagged Kelli, who then tagged me. Wow! Apparently, I'm supposed to copy the rules, so here you go...

Rules: A - People who are tagged need to post these rules and 8 random habits, facts, quirks about themselves. B - At the end of the post you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names.

I don't know if I'll fulfill rule B, since I don't know who follows my sporadic postings who hasn't already been named. Hmmmm....

Quirk 1: I would misplace my head if it weren't attached. I don't necessarily lose anything, but I do forget where I leave things in the house. I usually have certain places where I leave things, but occasionally, I will put something - wallet, keys, phone, dinner - someplace out of the ordinary and "lose" it. Most of the time, it is hiding in plain site, often in one of my usual places.

Quirk 2: I almost always text message in full sentences and it bugs me when I get e-mails with text message non-grammar.

Quirk 3: I can't remember much of my life before grade 4. Pretty much nothing, except the odd instance or stories I've been told, but those are memories of being told, not the actual occurrence.

Quirk 4: I have cracked my knuckles since grade 4. I've tried to stop countless times. It's just one of those habits that is hard to break.

Quirk 5: I'm a Broadway junkie. I sing musicals everywhere. I listen to them on my computer. I have about 15 different piano books of Broadway musicals.

Quirk 6: I read while I walk. I know, I'm coordinated! If you see someone walking towards or away from campus with his nose in a book, there's a good chance it might be me.

Quirk 7: Ballroom dance is my favorite contact sport. Hockey is my favorite collision sport.

Quirk 8: I love to play board and card games. I own many of them - Ticket to Ride, Cranium, Munchkin, Missionary Impossible, Mousetrap, Settlers, Cranium, Imaginiff, Yspahan, Killer Bunnies, Battleship, Uno, Phase 10, Fluxx, Boggle, The Wrong Games, Quelf, Monopoly, Unexploded Cow, Life, Othello, Mexican Train Dominoes, Bang!, Chess, Connect Four, etc., etc., etc.
I don't think you actually read all of those (or at least I didn't expect you to), but you get the idea.

Ok, 8 people to select. Um....Josie, Emily, Krystal, Michelle, Jennie, Uncle Bruce, Heather, and Michelle (or Andy). Bwah-hah-hah!


Kelline said...

Wow....David responded to a blog tag??????????? David updated his the way how did the date go??????

AmandaStretch said...

Quirk 1 - I do the same thing! A recent favorite was when I misplaced the CD for the show I'm choreographed. Two weeks I couldn't find it. Where was it? With my CDs on my desk in my office, right where I would put such things.

2 - Me too! Bonus points for you!

Also ditto on 4,5,7, and 8, except that I'm still working on my game collection.

I knew I liked you for a reason. :)

David said...

@Kelli: I know! My life just is boring. The date was fun, but once again, it's really hard to get a second date.

@Amanda: Too bad you're not here so we can hang out. We could always enjoy another person for games night.

AmandaStretch said...

Maybe we'll have to work something out when I'm home for Christmas.

Myrna said...

One of my favorite memories is waking up to the sound of David singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music..." at full voice, when he was a very young lad.

Megs said...

David - thanks for your comment on my blog. I was pretty entertained that you found your way there because 1) I don't personally know Ben Crowder, but he does seem to know several of my friends and 2) I think your mom is my boss up in the MAD library.
It's nice to hear someone's first hand perspective on the distance MLS thing. Part of the reason I like the idea of interaction is that I'm afraid I'll have a hard time staying committed without it. ("Why," you ask, "are you considering distance programs?" The answer is I don't really know, but I feel good about staying in Utah right now, and I also don't really want to tie myself down to one place when I just don't know what I'm doing with myself. Plus, if I manage to get something more permanent than my current extended internship here in the library, I might be able to squeeze some help out of good old Harold. But now we're getting into the realm of not just too much information, but excessively ridiculous amounts of information.)
Anyway, I'm both glad and sad to hear that the program is easy, but I'd love to hear more perspective on how the distance learning works out. My only experience with online classes was one ill-fated HEPE class, and I really hope it doesn't end up being like that. Is it all just reading things and then doing work about it? How is it set up at UNT? (And there's a good chance I'll be asking more questions in the future as I get deeper into this.)
Sorry for the huge comment. Thanks again for yours.

Myrna said...

David, can you believe that Megan doesn't actually know Ben? I have so many friends who know Ben, I am amazed that here is one who actually doesn't--we will have to introduce them!