Monday, September 22, 2008

Blind Date

I went on a date on Saturday. Yeah, I know, it's been awhile. It was also the last day of World of Dance, which of course I couldn't miss. So at dance class on Monday, my teacher had asked who had already purchased tickets. I scanned the crowd to see who hadn't and saw a girl that hadn't that I wanted to ask out. So I did.

Saturday rolls around and I go to her house to pick her up. No answer when I knock. I call her. It goes straight to voicemail. I knock. I call. I knock harder. I call. I go to the laundry place and double check that that is, indeed, the right building. I call. I knock. No answer.

So, now I am there with Kyle and his date, and I have an extra date, half an hour before the show. Oh....did I mention that it was also a BYU home football game? That means, most every girl I know is at the game. We call around until Kyle finds a friend at home and we rush to her apartment to pick her up. Kyle goes up there and takes his time, leaving me and his date to talk in the car. Finally, he comes down with Chrysta and we leave for the date. Crazy, eh?

We made it just before they closed the doors and went and sat down. The performance was incredible. The Cougarettes were definitely the most polished, the folkdancers brought back Last Night (a clogging routine I love) and did another dance I performed two years ago, the ballroom dancers were great but didn't hit all their lines, and the ballet dancers surprisingly had a lot of falls and trouble. Oh, and the modern dancers did their hilarious mini-mattress routine. It was a good show.

We went to Red Robin after the dance show and had dinner. It was there that I discovered the truth about my sudden blind date. Kyle's friend had decided she didn't want to go and had left for the football game. Kyle was up at her house calling all his friends until a random girl walked up with her groceries. I had said earlier that we should just knock on a door or stop by a girl walking down the street and ask someone at random, so he asked her. She said yes. Yes, crazy.

It was actually a really fun blind date, even if it was with an 18-year-old who had moved here from California only 3 week ago.

So, that's my story.

Disclaimer: I was not stood up for the date. Tikla had slept in til 1:08 (I was picking her up at 1:15). So she was getting ready and all her roommates left. I came and knocked on her door because they don't have a doorbell. She couldn't hear it from her room and her phone hasn't been working properly. It didn't ring and wouldn't even show she had missed four calls. We left at 1:30 and she had remained in her room, oblivious that I was outside waiting. Sad. I'm going to take her out again some other time.


Kelline said...

That's funny! I've been on horrible blind dates! I think the worse one was when this guy told me he was a butt model. The rest of the date I kept thinking of him meeting my friends and family, so what do you do? "I'm a butt model." I am so glad yours turned out okay.

Myrna said...

So, basically, although you didn't know it, YOU stood Tikla up!

David said...

I guess you could put it that way....

Kelline said...

David! I am attonished....standing girls up?

Aquaspce said...

Too funny! You sure have some luck huh! What a good friend you have who didn't want you stuck without a date :)
I never went on any blind dates... I don't like surprises.